We were approached by Attention Seekers to create a film with Ben Collins (AKA the Stig). The client was EA Games and the all-new ‘Need for Speed’ game – Hot Pursuit.

Our Hot Pursuit was Ben being chased by Pop group Roll Deep. Roll Deep played the parts of American cops in Police livery Lamborghinis, whilst Ben escaped their attacks in a 911 GT3.
We recceed various locations but decided on using Longcross in Surrey. It looked like a road, unlike many airfield style locations. We then worked with Ben to create storyboards and the band to get real banter. One week post production in order to get the promo out ahead of the game launch…..Hard work!!

Technical: Black 911 Turbo/ Lamborghini Gallardo – each rigged with two interior cameras. Two way monitoring between cars on in car monitors.
Phantom camera running at max frame rate in poor weather (500 FPS).

High pursuit vehicle with 25-crane arm and Libra stabilised head on remote head.
Crew approaching 15. Full HD crew and sound for pick-ups. Two day shoot, approx 12 tyres, two gearboxes, clutch and not much sleep….!


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